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13Different Types of People You Will Meet In A Call Center


Call centers are fun, energetic, and dynamic workplaces. They are full of different types of people from different walks of life. There, you will meet young people who are just in their early twenties or even in their late teens, moms, dads, thirty-somethings, and even grandmas and grandpas. You’ll meet introverts, extroverts, ambiverts, and everything in between.

But of course, there are call center archetypes. These are the usual people you will find in a call center.

1. The Always Late

They are people who you always seen sweaty and running in a panic dYouaze. They probably have wet hair still dripping as they rush into the floor. Sometimes, they even text you to log them in or prep their station because they are now on the elevator hurrying to the floor.

The Always Late agent always has an excuse to his or her team lead about being late. Most of the time, they blame traffic jams and bad weather.

But the always late also has a friend, the Super Late. Super Late agents show up even if they are late for several hours. They don’t look haggard even if they are late. They just walk ever so slowly to their stations, munching on food as they sit down.

2. The Serious Type

The Serious Type of agents are those who are super focused at work. They care about the team and their metrics and getting money and commissions for their family. They also don’t drink after shift. If they do, it’s just to bond and improve their team standing.

During their shift, they don’t make chitchat with their seatmates. They typically have the perfect notes, follow QA guidelines and get good CSAT scores.

Your TL loves them. The bosses love them too.

3. The Noisy Ones

The noisy ones are those agents who are always laughing at something on the floor. They seem to be entertained by anything and everything. Noisy agents typically treat life on the floor as something fun. They joke around and make people laugh. Sometimes, they treat the bay as their little wet market.
They can play unusual games like dressing up and having fashion shows. They like making gossip and befriending anyone and everyone. Noisy agents usually are part of cliques with women, men, gay and lesbian members. They are practically the most colorful people you will find on the floor.
Most of the time, this noisy circle of friends keeps the floor alive and happy. However, when you cross them, you may end up hurt. Some of them could make fun of you and 
bully you for no reason. But don’t worry, most of them are just loud and noisy but not mean

4. The Smokers and The Vapers aka Chimneys

Chimneys are the chain smokers who spend their breaks in the smoking area. They vent out and release their stress through inhaling nicotine. Sometimes they smell horrid when they hit the floor because they have been baking in smoke in the smoking lounge. 

Chimneys like to hang out and share stories outside the floor because they feel that the “fresh” air outside is much more comforting than staying inside. They can run, smoke, and run back upstairs again in no time on their very short fifteen-minute breaks. During, they spend half of their time smoking as well. 

Some of the Chimneys don’t really smoke. Some of them vape. While others are just nonsmokers but hang out with their friends who do smoke.

5. The Fashionistas

Fashionistas are those agents who dress to impress when they go to work. They take time and effort to look good and smell good. They usually wear glam make-up and pretty clothes to work. On the other hand, men who are fashionistas wear nice kicks to the office. They spice up their workdays by wearing cute outfits. It’s a lovely way for them to de-stress and unwind at work. 
This sort of agent also loves the spotlight at work. They usually have the cool stuff. They have the latest phones and shop a lot on paydays. They need their salaries to finance their wardrobe needs.

6. The Seller

Sellers are the lifesavers of the floor. They sell all sorts of things. For offices that allow food on the production floor, the sellers would usually pack lunch or snacks to sell. Sometimes, they make more money from selling than what they get paid for doing calls. 
Some sellers don’t sell food. They may sell perfumes, underwear, clothes, even kitchenware, and furniture. They can have brochures of Avon, Natasha, MSE, and so much more with them. On paydays, they rake a lot of money, and they usually stalk you at the ATM, demanding to be paid on what you owed them in the previous days.

7. The TL’s pet

The TL’s pet, otherwise known as the right hand of the TL is someone who follows their team leader around. TLs love them, but some of their teammates hate them. They can be called sipsip or suck-ups by their colleagues for being too close to their bosses. They are the people TLs trust with checking the team’s metrics and whatnot. 
The TL’s pets are usually agents who perform well. Team managers like them a lot because they are easy to coach and deal with. Higher ops love them, too, because they are assets to the account.
Although many may get envious of them and bad-mouth them, TL pets are still the star of the show because they are the ones who typically get promoted.

8. The Jet Setter

Jet setters are those agents who love traveling. They are #travelgoals. All their leaves have already been pre-plotted for vacations. If they do go absent stating that they are sick, chances are they are on a beach somewhere, getting baked by the sun.
Jet setters typically work really hard. They need those commissions and extra pay to fund their travel dreams.

9. The Always Sick

The Always Sick agent has an excuse for everything. They will typically call your TL to advise them that they are sick, their kid is sick, their dog is sick, and whatnot. They always have a medical certificate for everything and anything. They go to the clinic a lot during their shift.
This agent may have a health issue; however, they are not fit to work in the graveyard shift or a hectic call center account.

10. The Problematic One

The problematic agent is the agent who is so hard to coach. Whatever their TL tells them, theyjust never listen. He is always late, doesn’t hit the metrics, and COMPLAINS A LOT. He screams at customers from time to time. He hates his teammates, QAs, the training team, and everyone else. He seems to be drunk after shift most times. He only likes to work on paydays. 
Problematic agents have issues with their attendance too. They can just not show up and they are never reliable.

11. The Borrower

The Borrower is the type of agent who always borrows money. They seem to be broke all the time. They are charming and kind when asking for help. But when it comes to asking them to pay you back, you will hear a lot of excuses from them.
Borrowers lurk around people who seem to have lots of money. They seem to be like emotional vampires who suck not only your money but also your energy.

12. The Office Flirt

The Office Flirt is the guy or girl who wants to date anyone and everyone in the office. They usually use their charms to get their way around. They like flirting with newbies. They also like flirting with bosses. They can be seen dating one poor soul to another on the floor. They can flirt with ANYONE, single or taken, it doesn’t matter.

13. The Hopper

The Hopper or the notorious call center jumper is the agent who ditches work when things get challenging. They always have a resume ready, and sometimes you can catch them drafting their resignation letter right on their office PC. They see working in the office as a pastime or something just to make money, and if things don’t work out, they just bolt and leave. 
Unfortunately, even if they try to hide in their resumes that they have hopped here and there, recruiters still catch them and kick them out from the get-go. The information on their CVs is just too flaky, and their call center gallivanting is found out.

So Much More

Of course you’ll meet so many more types of people in the BPO industry. It’s like Russian roulette, you never know who you’ll knock into.Just remember to be nice to everyone and prioritize work. You will make friends and enemies, but remember that you are there to work first and foremost.