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4 Fun things you did not know about Call Centers.

If you are considering applying for a call center job but is still hesitating because of the negative things you have heard about the call center work environment then good thing you have found this article. Believe it or not there are lots of fun things about Call Centers that you might not know about specially if you have not worked for one. Hopefully these four things about call centers will be able to give you enough reasons to give call center work a try.

1. It is a diverse workforce.

When you work as a nurse in a hospital or clinic then most of your colleagues are either nursing graduates or doctors. If you work in a school most of your colleagues are teachers. Now, this is not the case when you work in a call center. Every color every hue that is represented by me and you can be found working in a call center. This means you can learn a lot of new things from different people because everyone comes from different walks of life with different cultures and experiences. This definitely will enrich you as a person hanging out with people you can definitely learn a lot from.

2. Free Coffee / Snacks.

Most call centers have night shift accounts since most of their clients are in the US. Unfortunately, human beings like us are diurnal so we have trouble staying up at night to work. This is where coffee comes in. The caffeine that can be found in coffee can help you stay awake and endure the night shift and call center companies know this. That is why most call center companies offer free coffee to their employees. Not only that, they offer other beverages as well for those people who do not enjoy coffee but want a warm beverage to stay awake. In some call centers, they even offer free snacks to go with the free coffee.

3. Awesome Facilities.

Most call center agents are yuppies composed of fresh grads looking for their first job and other professionals looking for a change of careers. The age range of these professionals is from 22-35 years old. People in this age range are very active in sports, video games, and other extracurricular activities. That is why most call center offices have a break room full of sports facilities and equipment. They would also have video game consoles and PC’s to accommodate their employees’ wide range of hobbies and interests.

4. Strong HR Presence.

If you have not worked for a call center before then you are in for a treat! Call Centers have one of the best HR departments compared to other industries. When you are lucky enough to get hired as a Fresh Graduate by a Call Center company, they would normally take care of your government ID’s like SSS. Philhealth and TIN. All you need to provide is your police clearance, NBI Clearance, and Valid ID’s like a school ID or Government ID’s like Voter’s ID or Postal ID. They even take care of your bank requirements to get your payroll bank account issued. It is very convenient and it saves you time and money.

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