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How to answer "How much is your expected salary?" during an interview.

When you apply for a call center job your interviewer would normally ask you the question “What is your expected salary?” This kind of question is a tricky one because the question itself is awkward. Your future employer is asking you how much do you expect to get paid. If you just answer the question without understanding the reasoning behind it you will end up giving an outrageous number to your interviewer which would definitely have a negative effect to your chances of getting hired. To answer this difficult question, we should first find out what is the reason your future employer is asking this.

What do you need to answer?

A salary is the payment made to an employee by an employer for the work done, but is paid most commonly on a bimonthly basis (every two weeks). Employees are paid differently based on many factors including experience, skills etc. Salary would normally include non-monetary compensation like paid vacations, HMO’s and other incentives depending on the Company.


So when you get asked “What is your expected salary?” It refers to the amount of money you are expecting to earn as an employee working for the company you are applying for. it is important to discuss this during your job application because this will help the company figure out if they should pursue you as a potential employee or not.


First of all, before you were asked that question, I must tell you that the company already has a salary range for you, most of the time it is a trick to get you to pick a lower range so that they can bargain on your potential salary with the company. Your job as the applicant is to research on the call center company you are applying for and find out what is their salary range for the call center job you are applying for. This will help you negotiate with them to get the best possible salary offer without asking the company for an unreasonable salary figure. This will ensure that you and the company will come to terms when it comes to compensation and this should help you land your call center job with the company.


The reason the company asks this question is because the employer will want to know if their designated salary budget for the position matches your expected salary. When answering this question, do not show that you feel awkward talking about it. Instead, show them that you are confident. Also, don’t give an amount that is too low, just to be accepted. You may regret it if you are presented with a very low salary offer. On the flipside, don’t give out a number that is too outrageous as employers may be discouraged from hiring you if your expected salary is out of their budget. Look for the appropriate pay range based on your level of experience, location, industry, and position. 


The best way to answer “What is your expected salary package?” is to give an amount that is in line with your expected salary. 

Set it a little higher than the bare minimum you anticipate getting. Mention that you want to be paid more than you were getting with your previous employer. Additionally, let them know that based on their benefits package, you are willing to negotiate the salary package. Don’t forget to mention that your expected salary is based on your research and knowledge about the usual salary for your position and level.

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