How To Apply In The BPO Industry?


Applying in a call center can be easy if you know what to do. You just need to have enough confidence and determination to pass. You will also need good communication skills to ace your interviews. You alsoneed to be able to sell yourself and make your recruiter like you.

To apply in the BPO, you need to go through several steps such as making a resume, going through some interviews and tests, signing a contract and then finally getting your requirements ready. You need to be prepared for each step and plan out what you should be doing so that you can get in no matter how hard the screening process is.

Here, we will be giving you some tips on how to ace the screening process of BPOs.

What Is Call Center Work

OK, so before we look into the steps on how to pass the call center screening process, let us first look into the work scope that you will be facing once you work there.

In a call center, you will obviously take in calls, but before you can do that, you must learn the ins and outs of the product line or service you are working for. You can’t just pick up the phone and answer a call without being trained. You need to become an expert first. You will be undergoing a rigorous training process before you hit the floor and answer calls.

Once on boarded and once you start taking in calls, your task now is to provide high quality service and expertise both to your client and your phone customers.

A call center agent must have specific qualities to work well in this set up. You have to be a person who is patient, clear, easy to teach and can multitask. You also cannot be overly sensitive and emotional. If you can’t handle upset customers, then this job may not be for you.

You are not going to be a mere phone operator when you become a call center agent, you are going to be a problem solver. So before applying for this job, you have to ask yourself if you can do that.

Steps In Applying For A Call Center Job

There are many steps that you will face when you apply for a call center position. You will need to create an outstanding resume that recruiters can peruse and gauge if you are qualified. You will also go through several screening steps and interviews before you sign a contract.

Aside from the basic papers and documents and interviews that you have to prepare for, you also need to ready yourself both mentally and emotionally for your application process.

Make a Great Resume

When applying for any company, you need an awesome resume that will impress different recruiters. You need to have a resume that looks both simple yet powerful. It has to look professional. You can use one of those resume templates online like on “Canva” or you can download free templates.

If you cannot use a free template just remember to put the following on your resume in chronological order.

1.Contact details –You need to put your name, email address, cellphone number, address, additional online contact information like social media platforms you wish to be contacted on.

2.A photo –This is optional because you will be talking over the phone, but if you wish to add a picture, better use a professional looking photo of yourself in a passport size copy or a 2×2 printout.


3.Work Experiences–Add the jobs you have worked for in your resume. Start from the most recent one. Add some of your job details there like your work tasks and position. This is vital because your recruitment specialist needs to know which position or account he or she can match you in.

4.Skills and Trainings–If you have attended seminars, you can add them on your resume. This is especially good for those who do not have much work experience. You can also add your soft skills such as computer literacy, typing speed and the like.5.Educational Background –Put your collegiate and high school details. If you have received any awards, add them as well.

Submit To Different Portals

Once you have your resume completed, the next step you need to do is to submit your resume to a job portal. Job portals can be an online marketplace for jobs such as Jobstreeet, Indeed, Monsterjobs and many more. Online portals normally allow you to deposit your resume in there. You also have the chance to look at the job market and send resumes through the portal to different employers.

a. Job Portal

As we’ve mentioned, job portals are online spaces to find employees and future employers. It’s an open space where people can find jobs and offer jobs. Basically, it works like an online depository of resumes and much like an online marketplace.
What’s great about job portals is that they have a wide selection of jobs that you can choose from. You have the freedom to submit your application to any company listed on their site.
However, the downside to job portals and marketplaces would be the fact that they will not put any effort for you to get hired. It’s up to you to send out your application and work on your job search.

b. Recruitment Firms

Another type of job portal or job assistance page would be the recruitment firms. Recruitment firms are normally companies are tasked to look for specific employees. Their task is to match the right applicant to the right company. So if you have the qualifications, you will be sure to find a job if you pass your resume to a recruitment firm.

Many people prefer to apply to a job market page instead of a recruiter. But to clear about it, recruiters are better at finding you the job that you need. They both earn the same amount from the company if they find the applicant that the company is looking for. But in a recruitment firm, you are sure to find the best job match. They will also put in a lot of energy into getting your hired.

Recruitment firms normally have a wide partnership with many companies so you will surely get the best employer for your career path.

c. Applying Directly

Of course you do have the option of applying directly. This application type would entail you to walk in to many different offices. This can be a bit taxing and difficult on your end. But if you feel that you will ace the interview with just one application to one company, then you can go for this route.

Of course companies also have their own websites where you can pass your resume, but if you wish to apply to several companies, you have to submit your application letter to each one. After that, you will also need to visit each company’s office.

Direct applications are better for tenured agents who already know what they want and is familiar with the application process. But if a tenured agent feels that he or she wants to shop around for better offers going through a recruitment firm or a job portal is better.

Go to your Interview

Now once you have submitted your resume, you will now be interviewed. The first interview is usually on the phone or online. It is essentially done to gauge your English speaking skills.

If you pass the initial phone interview, you will now go to the first face to face or online interview. This interview willbe to gauge your personality and confidence. It also checks for your communication skills.

Your interviews will gauge your demeanor to know if you are hirable. It will check how well you can communicate. They will ask you questions that describe who you are and expresses your thoughts and opinions.

Aside from the initial interviews, you will also have a final interview. Here the operations manager can meet you and give his or her final say if you are to be hired or not.

Pass The Screening Process

After the first interview in the office, you will be given an exam. The exams normally take an hour or so. These exams are used to check your IQ and grammar. Most of the time the exams are about English proficiency and logical reasoning. If you pass this, you will not go to the

English speaking test.English speaking tests are normally done over the phone in the call center office. It can be Versant or Berlitz.

Versant is done through an automated voice prompt versus Berlitz where an actual person gauges your speaking abilities in English. Versant is easier to pass than Berlitz. If the administrator of the Berlitz test cannot get your accent or pronunciation, you will fail automatically.

(Anchor text) –Learn tips here on how to pass Berlitz or Versant.

Sign The Contract

After you pass the screening process, you will be given the job offer. The job offer will contain all the pertinent information related to your new work. Read it carefully and don’t just sign without knowing what is on it.

Your JO will state thesalary package the company will be paying you. It will state other benefits like your HMO package and other allowances.

If you feel you are happy with the contract, go ahead and sign it. Usually the HR personnel can give you up to 24 hours to think about the offer should you feel uncertain about it.

Get Your Requirements

Once you have signed the contract and accepted the job offer, you can now start getting your documents ready. You may need to have the following.

1.  NBI Clearance

2.  Medical Examination –usually sponsored by the company

3.  1×1 and 2×2 pictures

4.  MDR for your your PhilHealth

5.  Police clearance or barangay clearance –some companies don’t ask for this but just in case be ready.

6.  TOR or Transcript of Records –You need to prepare this way before you apply as some schools take time to send you your records. Prepare For Day 1

Prepare For Day 1

So once you have all the requirements in place, you are now ready to work. On your Day 1 at work, you can drop by HR to submit your documents. Be early so that you will know which area your training room will be at. Ask the guard at the reception to guide you.
Bring a tumbler, a pen, a notebook and lots of energy when you go to work on your first day at your newjob.Good luck