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How To Deal With A Power Tripping Team Leader

How To

A controlling team leader may be difficult to agree with. To deal with a power-tripping team lead, you need to learn how to communicate and negotiate with him. You must be able to assert your thoughts and feelings as well as stand your ground so that he doesn’t crush you. But on the other hand, you must also be respectful to your boss.

Of course, there are many types of leaders. There is the autocratic or decisive leader who plans everything for the team. He can be kind and gentle but he can also be too demanding and controlling. There is also the democratic leader who gets the input of everyone. He is typically easy to work with.

Another type of leader is the transactional leader who gives rewards for merits and good outputs. This type of leader is good, but he manipulates the team into working and agreeing with him all the time using rewards, which can be bad too.

There is also the transformational leader who uses inspiration and motivation and even example to lead his team. He leads by inspiring others and doing good deeds. He is an ideal boss and leader

However, there are also tyrannical leaders who use and abuse their power. They deal with you like pawns and push you around.

In order to deal with a team leader who micromanages you and power trips, you must understand his motives and his work style.

A Call Center Team Lead

Your team leader or manager is your immediate supervisor in the call center. He typically takes care of the team and manages their metrics. He also supports the management by pushing his team into achieving the company set goals and objectives.

Most team leaders are amenable. They try to balance the needs of their team with the wishes of the client and the company. However, there are those who treat their subordinates as mere assets and resources. They do not care about the well-being of the team, but rather they only care about hitting metrics.

A team leader can be a power tripper if he or she micromanages the team to the minute details. He may have good intentions such as achieving a target and a goal, but in the end, he burns out his team.

He tries too hard to please upper management but destroys his team’s spirit.

Here are some tell tale signs that your TL is a power tripper

Your TL can start raising his voice at you during coaching sessions or even while you are taking a call. He may demand a lower AHT or make more sales. He does not care if embarrasses you in front of others. He just wants to get results ASAP.

He just tells you to de-escalate all the time or doesn’t help you at all. He delegates your SME or other team members to help you and thinks you don’t exist.

Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. If he just tells you to get the highest marks and doesn’t give you goals that you can actually work on, then it means he is power tripping.

He bullies you and treats you as a joke during team meetings. He uses you as an example of a bad agent. He always puts you down in front of others.

One time he is very nice to you, but the next moment he can be very upset and angry. It is hard to know when he will explode.

He tends to favor one or two people on your teammates. They can get away with being late, being absent, having bad scores, and all that.

Some TLs can be very extreme that they can mess up with your QA scores, bonuses, and all that. He can coerce you to do things to get higher pay or a commission.

This is the worst kind of team lead. He may sexually harass your or use abusive language on you. He can call you names and utter profanities on you. If he does this, report him to HR right away.

How To Deal With a Power Tripping TL

Dealing with a manager who is power-hungry and abusive is very stressful. But you need to work, and so you need to see him every day of your workweek. But how do you get along with him?

Now that you know the signs of a TL who abuses his power, let us go into the steps you can take to resolve this dilemma.

1. Talk to your team leader

Talk to your team lead and let him know you are doing your best. Try to reassure him. Also communicate with him that your relationship at work will be better if he treated you with kindness. Try to sound positive as you do this and do not be critical.
You might have misgivings on your end as well and assure him that you will address the issue.
Here are some things you can discuss with him.
•Your metrics – Assure him that you will work well on your metrics and do your best to achieve each of your KPIs.

•Tardiness – Do not be late for work all the time. It doesn’t matter if you live far or if there is heavy traffic, those are not valid excuses. Wake up early and go to work early.

•That you will be more proactive at work– Tell your TL that you are willing to improve your sales or FCR score or that you will render overtime here and there.

•That you will help him with his workload – You can proactively assist him with managing the team like helping him encode scores or fixing some of his paperwork.

2. Talk to your teammates

Talk to your teammates and ask them if they are also experiencing the same issue with your TL. Your case may be an isolated case that you can refer to the management or a big issue that all team members are facing that you can arbitrate with HR and the account management.
You may also as your teammates to approach your TL together so that he can know the voice of the team. If the majority of the team agrees that is problematic, then maybe he needs out.

3. Talk to higher management

The higher operations team cares about each agent on the floor. They care about your well being and so reporting abuse and issues with your TL can be coursed through them. They can coach your TL so that he or she can improve his or her attitude as a leader.
Also, the higher management can sanction your Team Lead if he is violating any rules and regulations.

4. Talk to HR

If you feel that your TL is getting too abusive and that he is now violating your rights as an employee, you can ask HR to help you with the matter. Depending on the severity of the case, HR will prescribe an action for your TL. This can be an internal action. However, if it is too grave, it can cause your boss’s dismissal and even legal proceedings. Do not forget that HR’s role is to assist every employee.

If you feel that HR still cannot help you, you may opt to file a legal case under the Department of Labor and Employment.

5. Get Transferred to Another Team

Getting transferred to another option for you. If you feel that your TL is harassing you or causing havoc on your mental health, then move to another team. A new team maybe what you need to grow better at work.

Inform higher management that you prefer to work with another supervisor and that your performance will improve if you get transferred.

Examine Yourself

Now, of course, it may not be just your TL’s fault that he is upset with you. You may have done something wrong on your end to warrant such actions from your boss.
If your metrics are failing all the time or if you are unable to do your work properly, then your TL can really be upset with your output. If you are always late or absent, then he has the right to reprimand you.
and even sanction you. Understand that you can contribute to how a person or your boss treats you. If you don’t want to be coached or reprimanded, accomplish your goals at work all the time. Do not be unprofessional or late or absent for no reason. Do your best at work. Now if your TL still treats you unfairly after doing your tasks well, then that’s the time that you would need some intervention from higher ops or HR.
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