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4 reasons why working Night Shift is actually a good thing

Night Shift

Yeah, sure, working night shifts can be a drag sometimes because it can cause a lot of problems for the employee. Sleeping during the daytime is very difficult because there are many challenges like noisy people in the house and scorching temperatures during the summer. However, there are certainly a few reasons why working the night shift can be preferable as well and it might just outweigh its cons. That is why call center agents who are mostly night shift people do not complain much about their working hours. Here are just a few.

1. No Traffic in the nighttime.

The major problem for most working individuals is traffic. Unfortunately, here in the Philippines particularly in the metropolitan areas traffic is still an issue. If you work the normal office hours from 8 am to 5 pm then you and 9.38 million workers most likely commute in the metro manila area between the hours of 6 am to 8 am. When you think about it, heavy traffic is pretty much a daily occurrence considering these numbers. It is also worth mentioning that schools also operate on business hours. So, workers and students also commute during the 6 am to 8 am window. Night shift workers normally start their shift 8 pm onwards. This means while everyone else is going home, You and other night shift workers are going to work in the opposite direction which means traffic is light to moderate. You would definitely get to the office looking fresh as the morning air. Isn’t that great?

2. Nighttime weather is great.

When you work in the night shift you don’t see the sun anymore. You go to work at night, and you come home at the break of dawn. The temperature at night is just right when you go out to lunch during your breaks, it is not too cold and not too hot. You don’t get this perk when you work normal daytime hours. Your lunch break is around 12 in the afternoon. Imagine leaving your air-conditioned workstation, going out of the office to buy lunch outside in the scorching heat of the sun. I bet there are times you would rather go hungry and skip lunch than to go out in the blazing heat in the summer.

3. Your whole house becomes a private room to yourself.

During the daytime most of the people in your house leave for school, work or other stuff people do during the daytime! This means you have the whole house to yourself. It’s perfect for individuals who enjoy peace and quiet. You can even walk around naked in your house. Just make sure your doors are closed and windows have dark curtains.

4. The city is beautiful at night.

Have you ever walked around the city at night? It is so beautiful, filled with bright lights and music bleeding out from bars and other nighttime establishments. You get to enjoy this view only if you are around the city at night which is the case when you work the night shift.