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What do you need to answer?

When we were kids, we were often asked this question. Some of the common answers might have included flight attendants, firefighters, chefs, engineers, police officers, accountants, teachers, IT professionals, astronauts, or even Superman. Also, at that time, any answer was acceptable; the person who asked you that question would have given you a bright smile and a high five. He or she will even encourage you to shoot for the stars. They were simply excited to see that you were so eager and enthusiastic about something. This was your first spark of unabashed passion. But, sad to say, this admiration and support were all too temporary.

The career path you’re taking…

Over the years, you find yourself struggling with the inner battle of passion vs. practicality. When you enrolled in a well-known State University, it was for one and only one reason: to become a writer. And you didn’t fail to become one. You graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. However, being an artist isn’t easy. It takes a lot of courage to pursue this one for you to survive your everyday life. They say passion is for those people who are privileged enough. Because when you’re an artist, you don’t actually care about your salary. You won’t think twice about giving your all as long as you give others the satisfaction of your artwork.
          And suddenly, you realize that practicality is a must too. Yes, you’re passionate. There’s no doubt about that. But, how can you pursue your passion if your stomach is aching because of hunger? How can you pay your bills with your passion? Whether we like it or not, sooner or later, we’ll find ourselves pursuing a career that can make us survive our everyday lives.
           Life is not all about rainbows and butterflies. We don’t always get what we want. We may find ourselves in the BPO industry with a competitive salary, a lot of benefits and incentives, and much more. We’ll realize that we may not find ourselves pursuing the career we are always talking about, but it can make our lives better as it is. Sometimes, being practical is the best choice. Maybe, sooner or later, we’ll find ourselves loving the practicality of life. We’ll realize that in the middle of the path we’re taking, we find ourselves embracing what’s on our table right now.


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