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Ride Sharing Account

Ride Sharing Account

Ready to drive your career forward? We have the perfect opportunity for you!
We’re hiring CSRs for our Ride Sharing Account! HS Graduates and K-12 Graduates are welcome to apply, along with 1 year of BPO experience and 6 months of Sales experience.
Grab this opportunity and enjoy a rewarding journey!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Communicate easily and effectively with customers.
  • Enhance good listening skills.
  • Handle time-span of telephone calls.
  • Recognizing and handling assertive client phone calls.
  • Promote teamwork and call center accomplishment.

Pioneer Accounts Qualifications:

  • Applicants with 1 year BPO experience and 6 months sales experience can apply
  • At least 18 years old  
  • Open to all HS Graduates and K-12 Graduates
  • Amenable to work Onsite